11/16/2011-Newt's The One

Scene: Crowd of long-haired hippie Occupy Wall Street types chanting: "We Want Newt! We Want Newt! We Want Newt! If we can't have Herm, we want Newt!" Voiceover:  "Ad sponsored by Democrats, Independents, Liberals and Moderates for Gingrich."


What an insult to watch the worst bunch of Republicans to ever disgrace a debate forum. Last Saturday, I had the good fortune to be at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. My wife's generous uncle gave us two tickets to see Nabucco at an afternoon matinee. As luck would have it, we sat next to a nice couple from Old Saybrook. We eventually started talking politics and I asked him if he was a Republican. He said he was. He was a reasonable, aware, intelligent and informed man, and I haven't met a Republican like that in years. 


I told him that I gave the Republicans credit for one thing, and that's the fact that they're having plenty of debates. I said I'd like to see the same thing with the presidential debates. He said he didn't like it, that it just gave the candidates more of a chance to make fools of themselves. He said what the Republicans need right now is a statesman. 


My seat mate was right. If there were a statesman up there amongst those losers, it wouldn't seem to him like there were too many debates.

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