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Inmate's Sentence Communed for Breaking Up Jail Fight

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A Kent County inmate who assisted in stopping another inmate, Willie Williams, 20, from allegedly attacking a female guard around 12:15 a.m. Friday, September 14 has been released because of his actions.

According to a spokesperson with Judge Mark Trusock’s court, Antonio Brown, 31, was set free Thursday, Sept. 20.

In the courtroom proceedings, Judge Trusock called the resentencing "somewhat unprecedendted," but said that Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth "has no objections" to the resentencing.

The judge went on to say that what Brown did was "heroic," and "brave and honorable."

Toward the beginning of the proceedings, Judge Trusock adddressed Brown personally, saying:

"Sir, what I’m going to do is first of all, I want to thank you personally on behalf of the judicial system, for stepping in and probably saving this corrections officer’s life." 

The judge then told Brown that he would be given credit for 149 days served, and would not have to pay $700 in court costs.

"And sir, as far as - - this case is done.  You’ll  be released today," Judge Trusock concluded, "good luck to you, sir.  And thank you again for what you did."

Brown was sentenced last Thursday, Sept. 13 for 18 months to 5 years behind bars for his recent act of resisting and opposing an officer, Trusock’s court spokeswoman said.

He was extradited back to Indiana, however, on charges there.

FOX 17 was told that Sheriff Larry Stelma reached out to Judge Mark Trusock and said that Brown helped with the fight, in which the correction officer’s radio was knocked away from her.

The guard was doing her nightly block check when Williams was hiding behind a pillar. The sheriff said earlier in the night, Williams’ door was opened electronically when he asked for some toilet paper. The door shut, but he never went back into his cell, waiting for the right time to escape.

Two corrections officers were taken to the hospital and released.

Williams was serving time for robbing several gas stations this past July in three cities.

Brown has a lengthy criminal history going back to the 1990s.

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