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FOX Focus: Recovered Alcoholic Says Relationship Saved Him

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Eric Davis thought he had it together.

He was in a relationship, had three little boys, and a home.  But it all fell out from under him.

“That repetitive cycle every week, drinking, partying,” said Davis.  “You get paid Friday and you don’t have any money by Sunday night.”

His employer suggested he go into rehab.  Davis even graduated from a program at the Salvation Army, but fell off the wagon.

Davis got caught for a minor drug charge, but the judge let him go back into rehab.  He found himself homeless, living in a shelter.

“It’s humbling,” said Davis.

Eventually he ended up in a treatment program at the Guiding Light Mission.  That’s where he met Mike Richman.

“He was kind of an angry young man,” said Davis.

Richman hadn’t just heard a story like Davis’, he lived it.  Richman is a recovered alcoholic with eight years clean. 

But before that, he worked in sales and got sucked up into the social life.

“Eventually if you drink long enough you end up in the hospital,” said Richman.  “And I ended up in the hospital with about 90 percent of my liver destroyed.”

It’s a rough story.  Clients like Davis can relate with someone who knows the struggle.

“I couldn’t lie to him, I couldn’t try to pull a wise guy,” said Davis.  “I couldn’t try to fool him because with him being a recovering alcoholic, he’s been where I’ve been.”

Davis has graduated from the Mission’s treatment program and now has a job working as the House Overseer at Guiding Light.  He manages all the day-to-day responsibilities of the men at the mission.

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