Cops: West Palm Beach man forced to strip after being robbed at gunpoint

Gregory Davis was biking home from his girlfriend's house in West Palm Beach around 2:40 a.m. Monday when he noticed a man walking toward him with a gun in his hand.

Already knowing what to expect, Davis got off his bike and laid himself on the ground.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I just want the money," said the robber. "But if you make any noise, I will shoot and kill you."

Davis, who washes dishes at the BJ's Brewhouse just two miles away from where he was robbed, said he usually rides from there to his girlfriend's about three times a week, but in daylight.

Monday morning, he said he only had one thing on his mind.

"Try to make it home and that's it," Davis said. "Do everything he tells me to do to make it home."

Cops say Davis was then forced by the armed robber and another man to walk a block, toward some bushes, and lay down again. There, the robbers took Davis' cellphone, wallet, backpack, phone charger and $37.

After asking if he had anything else worth taking, Davis was ordered to get up, walk another block to an area behind the In Time Church of God in Christ, and strip down to his boxers, the report said.

The robber gave Davis one more warning: "If you have anything else on you and you're lying, I'm gonna shoot you."

Davis admitted he still had cigarettes and a lighter.

"I want them too," the robber said before ordering Davis to lay in another set of bushes by the church, and count from 250 to zero before standing up again. Davis did, then he ran to a friend's home, and called police.

Cops say they saw James "J-Bo" Gaines, a man who matched Davis' description of his armed robber, walking down the street. They said he tossed away some pot when he saw them coming.

Gaines was apprehended and put into a room at the police station. As Davis walked by the room, he heard someone yelling and recognized the voice. Davis looked into the window and saw Gaines.

"That's the guy who robbed me!" Davis said, pointing at Gaines through the window.

When cops asked if he was "100 percent positive," Davis said he was "200 percent positive," according to the report.

Gaines denied having anything to do with the robbery, but is charged with armed robbery, armed kidnapping, aggravated assault, possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence., or Twitter and Instagram: @DylanBouscher

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