Plantation council president calls Broward commission a 'nine-headed monster'

Council President Bob Levy is no fan of the Broward County Commission, calling it a "nine-headed monster" determined to take money from cities.

Broward commissioners voted recently to keep cities from extending their Community Redevelopment Agencies and alerted cities they intend to replace the city-run CRAs with a county-run redevelopment grant program.

The county will keep the funds it would have poured into the CRAs. Redevelopment efforts using county funds in the future will be controlled by the county, Broward commissioners said, under a newly created Broward Redevelopment Program.

That has drawn the ire of Plantation where the CRA — which is credited with revamping State Road 7 with landscaping efforts and other renovations — is set to expire in 2030.

Levy called it "highway robbery" at a recent Plantation council meeting.

He says the nine-member county commission is bothering cities because they haven't much else to do and saying "the hell with you, Plantation."

Levy said when the county unloaded most unincorporated areas onto other cities — or became their own municipality, as in the case of West Park — they took away much of their own workload.

"What the hell are they doing?" asked Levy, who is also the town manager in Pembroke Park. "They have the port, the airport, the landfill. ... They are imposing their will on everybody else because they have nothing else to do ... What has the county commission been doing?

"I don't want the county commission stepping in and taking city money," he said. "Broward County is taking that away from us, folks."

Pompano Beachvoted to extend the existence of its CRA so it could continue keeping property tax dollars that otherwise would go to the county.

County commissioners have maintained they have been using millions in county dollars to fund the agencies, and they want a greater say in how the benefits are spent.

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