Media give Hamas too much slack

It is with contempt for most of the TV and print progressive media that I write this letter. They see a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. "Time and again they buy into the propaganda Hamas puts out with the aid of the millions of dollars given them by the UN, USA, and other money sources. The media all agree Israel has a right to defend itself against the rockets, kidnapping and assassination attempts. Then Hamas plays its favorite card on the national scene: the children and the civilians. The Jews are killing people who have nothing to do with the Hamas military structure.

We then see pictures of people carrying coffins and women screaming for the death of a loved one. The commentators then push Israel to justify the deaths.

Commentators from CNN and other progressive channels give a 4-to-1 account of Palestinians' plight relative to Israeli suffering. This after Israelis drop leaflets, make telephone calls and indicate which building will be struck.

What army gives this kind of information to the enemy? Hamas tells its people to stay in the structures to be hit. There is no nation in the world that would allow this if it could prevent it.

Then Hamas and their duped supporters fall back on their next line of global pleading. We are kept from leaving Gaza by the Israeli military. We have to have papers, searched at checkpoints. We live in poverty, get a few hours of electricity, have few schools, even fewer jobs and the beat goes on and on. They certainly have jobs to build tunnels to hide their rockets and steal into Israel to blow up schools, cafes, buses, or massacre small villages. They certainly have schools to teach that if you are not with us, you are an infidel. You are not worthy of living.. Right out of the Nazi playbook and philosophy. '

The media do not seem to understand Hamas is a terrorist organization. They see it as a word. For the terrorist the rules of war are there are no rules. If you agree with them at one time and not another you are an enemy. I ask the progressive media to be more circumspect how they deal with people who will kill their own if the situation warrants it.

Sy Ginsburg, Lantana

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