Truth about Obamacare

In the South Florida 100 feature, attorney Bernadette Norris-Weeks stated that 91 percent of Floridians in Obamacare have lower premiums, and implies that all debate regarding whether Obamacare is working should desist, case closed.

The truth — as stated by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation — is that premiums will increase 30 to 40 percent on average next year. Kevin McCarthy, Florida Insurance Commissioner, told the state Health Insurance Advisory Board that small business insurance rates will rise from 5 to 20 percent and individual plans will rise 30 to 40 percent. An individual plan costing $293 per month will cost approximately $400 per month.

In January, because of "guaranteed issue," new mandated coverages, new taxes and fees and lowered age penalities will affect rates. Most of these features of the law — especially the individual mandate requiring everyone to have a health care policy or pay a fine — have not yet been activated. Therefore, the conclusion that rates are low and will go lower is not only premature, but a gross distortion of the truth.

Lastly, in the Massachusetts health care plan, virtually identical to Obamacare, family health care policy premiums are among the highest in the nation. Wait times are dangerously prolonged and access to medical care has become extremely difficult. The truth regarding Obamacare is too serious an issue to be demagogued.

James DeGerome, Lantana

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