Plantation maintains Yom Kippur as paid day off

What's a fair benefit when the taxpayers are footing the bill?

Plantation gives its employees 11 paid holidays a year, plus vacation time. The list includes the typical national holidays of Christmas and Fourth of July, but tradition here is to give Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday, off as well.

"Within the private sector, six days are standard," council member Lynn Stoner said. She said no other Broward city gives employees Yom Kippur off. "If anyone has that particular day they need, they can take a personal day."

She didn't receive support of the council, who ultimately agreed to leave it the way it was since employees have already been planning to have that day off. In 2014, the holiday begins the night of Oct. 3, a Friday, and employees have that day off.

"I think it's an appropriate amount," said Council member Bob Levy. "I just don't think 11 days is too much."

Stoner also didn't agree with council member Jerry Fadgen's suggested compromise to take away the day after Thanksgiving as a paid day off.

"There's no significance to that day other than it's an extended weekend," he argued.

"It has significance to some," Stoner said. "It's the only long weekend [of four days] you have the entire year."

With the exception of Yom Kippur, Coral Springs gives the same approved days off, except Coral Springs offers two extra personal holidays where employees can pick the days.

Fort Lauderdale also gives a personal day if the employee didn't use their sick time the year before.

North Lauderdale gives its employees 11 days as well, but their 11th day is Columbus Day. Employees also get half days on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Oakland Park gives its employees 10 holidays off each year.

Pompano Beach gives its employees two personal holidays, plus 12 holidays that includes the full day of New Year's Eve. Deerfield Beach also gives 12 paid holidays - employees can pick the date of one of those days. Both cities include Christmas Eve as a paid holiday.

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