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Dog rescued from canal by Boca police officer

A dog in distress and some quick thinking by a Boca Raton police officer led to the dog's rescue on Thursday, according to Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander.

It happened at about 2 p.m. in the canal off El Rio Trail near the 500 block of Glades Road. The dog's owner, William Betterton, 23, said it was an iguana caught the eye of his 1-year-old Terrier mix, Robin, which leaped into the canal.

She had been swimming from side to side to the canal," Betterton said. "I wasn't able to see her on the side of the shore I was on."

With thick bushes blocking his view, a panicked phone call to police began. He said officers were there in about five minutes.

"I observed Robin struggling in the canal to stay afloat and appeared panicked," Officer Bart Galletta wrote in the report.

It was at a nearby house where Galletta said he found a small boat but without any paddles, Galletta grabbed a five-foot long PVC pipe, turning the boat into an impromptu gondola.

The officer and dog owner hopped in and made their way toward the dog as other officers followed along the shore.

"I knew from previous experiences that she knew how to swim so I wasn't too worried about her drowning," Betterton said about his dog. "But once we got in the boat and I realized how exhausted she was, I was a little more concerned."

The two made it across the canal as Betterton grabbed his petered out pup on the far shore before the group made it back safely.

Other officers helped the group ashore as Betterton thanked the officers, who then thanked the boat's owners.

"She certainty enjoyed her bath after the ordeal," Betterton said. "She was pretty tired, but excited.", 561-243-6607 or Twitter and Instagram @adamsacasa

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