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Best Place to Buy Eyewear

1st) Optical Alternatives

Eye glass lenses have a “sweet spot.” Did you know that? “The optical center of the lens has to be aligned with the pupil so there is no distortion,” says Glenn T. Bemus, licensed optician and store manager of Optical Alternatives. Bemus makes sure his customers get glasses that “provide clear, comfortable vision,” by cutting lenses in-house rather than sending them out to a factory. “We have total control of the placement of the optical center of the lens,” he says. The shop also displays 1,200 frames, priced from $99 to $999. Optical Alternatives offers “factory-direct” pricing. “We pass the savings on to the customer,” says Bemus. The year-old store also has “a fantastic location with abundant parking in White Birch Plaza, across from Swanson’s Fish Market.”

2480 Black Rock Tnpk.
(203) 372-2010


2nd) Specs

115 Post Rd. E.
(203) 226-8996

2385 Black Rock Tnpk.
(203) 372-6614

1 Tokeneke Rd.
(203) 656-3450

3rd) Norwalk Eye Care

5 Eversley Ave.
(203) 853-1010

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