"I'm not a really big flower person," says Cortlyn, "So we're doing small square glass vases with a few white hydrangeas in them as the centerpieces."

A cocktail hour featuring lots of seafood hors d'oeuvres will follow the ceremony.

"I'm a pescatarian," says Cortlyn. "So, [caterer] Innovative Gourmet has really been great, working with us. We're going to have grilled shrimp, grilled lobster, crab balls."

That fish-only tenet will also apply to the buffet dinner, where guests will have choices that include tilapia, a pasta dish, a shrimp dish and fresh grilled vegetables and potatoes.

Cortlyn says they specifically wanted a buffet dinner instead of a served seated meal.

"We don't want people to be stuck at their tables," she explains. "We want people dancing, hanging out and having a good time, not to have a stuffy wedding atmosphere. I want it to be a fun, hanging out right after we got married kind of thing."

The Cake — from Bakery Express — will have three tiers in white with the design reflecting that of her dress. The color of her sister's dress will be there as well, in the fondant flower decoration. Each layer will have a different cake and filling: vanilla pound cake with vanilla filling on the bottom, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling in the second layer, and vanilla cake with strawberry icing on the top.

Baltimore wedding photographer Tara Hope will be documenting the day.

"Our favors are awesome, but I don't want to say what they are," Cortlyn says with a giggle. "And they're very much us. They're perfect."

The couple will add a little tradition from Josh's side of the family.

"We are doing the Polish Apron dance," says Cortlyn. "That's when the maid of honor wears the apron, and people put cash in it. Then, the couple puts it toward something. We will probably use it on our honeymoon."

The honeymoon: "We're going to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic," says Cortlyn. "We've never been out of the country and we wanted to go some place in the Caribbean. We're doing [an Apple Vacations] square deal, where we don't know where we're staying yet. We won't find out until about 24 hours before we go. That's kind of our personalities — it's go with the flow. Josh was really excited about it. We're really excited about it. We know we're going to have fun no matter where we are."