Krull and Weinkam

Josh Krull and Courtlyn Weinkam (Credit: handout art from the couple, Baltimore Sun / July 23, 2012)

Wedding Date: August 4, 2012

Her Story: Cortlyn Weinkam, 21, grew up in Catonsville. She lives in Catonsville and works as a waitress at Ships Cafe while getting her degree in elementary education at Towson University. Her father is Louis Weinkam, a partner at Weinkam & Weinkam. Her mother, Dawn Weinkam, works at Weinkam & Weinkam, as well.

His story: Joshua Krull, 23, grew up South Baltimore. He lives in Catonsville and is an apprentice at Old Time Contractors. His father, John C. Krull, Jr. is a physical science technician at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His mother, Marie T. Krull, is a Paraeducator with Baltimore City Public Schools.

Their story: She was 16 and he was 17, and going to different high schools — she was a junior, he was senior. A mutual friend brought them together by phone. For three months, they talked on the phone almost every day, even though they hadn't met in person.

"He was fun to talk to," says Cortlyn. "He was in living in Federal Hill, so we finally arranged to meet there. I brought a whole bunch of my girlfriends down, and he brought one of his guy friends. We probably hung out for about 5 minutes and then left."

But, soon after, they started to see each other every weekend. That continued after he graduated.

"We started officially dating September, 2007, when he asked me to be his girlfriend," she says. "He went to CCBC in Catonsville, which is right next to Catonsville High. So we would see each other every day after school."

Cortlyn graduated the following spring, and then went to Wesley College in Delaware the following fall.

"That was a pretty rough time," says Josh. "But, we got through that. Almost every weekend, she was coming down or I was going up to visit her."

She transferred to CCBC for the spring 2010 semester, and then transferred to Towson University.

Each of them say they knew almost from the start they had found their soulmates.

"I knew I wanted to be with him before we even met, because we would talk all the time," Cortlyn says. "Probably before I went away to college, I knew I wanted to marry him."

"After the first two dates we went on, I knew she was the one I'd settle down with," says Josh. "She's a lot more mature than other people, and just awesome, amazing."

The proposal, December 23, 2011: "I was not expecting it at all," says Cortlyn. "We hadn't really talked about marriage."

"I was doing Christmas shopping [a couple of weeks earlier]," says Josh. "I had no idea what to get her. But, I knew [the proposal] was going to happen eventually, so I thought I could do it then." So, he went into Gordon's Jewelers, and found a princess-cut solitaire he thought she'd like. Then, he went to her father to ask permission.

It was two days before Christmas.

"We made gingerbread houses and then Josh suggested going to Federal Hill to look at the Christmas lights because that's where we'd first met," she says.

"I asked her out to Federal Hill, because I thought it would be cool to do it there," Josh says. "So, I said let's go walking to look at Christmas lights. Except there weren't any, and she was saying, this is stupid. I was joking with her this would be an awesome time to propose, and she got so mad."

"He was joking around, saying 'It's too bad I didn't get you a ring because this would've been the perfect time to give it to you,' " says Cortlyn. "And I said, 'That's a terrible thing to say. But yes, it would be.'"