"That we should have an open bar and live band," he says. "I think if you have an open bar and live band, [everyone] will have a good time. A live band brings a level of energy that a deejay can't bring."

So, the Motown band, The Mustangs, will be performing.

"But, it's more important to have her family and my family and her friends and my friends there — to have them all show their love and support for us as we start this stage in our lives," he says. "That's far more important than the floral arrangements and the venue. You get the right people together and that's the most important thing."

"We're so excited to have so many people we love in one place," adds Christina.

The honeymoon: Actually, there are three things about the wedding that are important to Andrew. In addition to that open bar and live band, having a great honeymoon tops his priorities.

"We should go someplace that was really going to be cool, unforgettable — once in a lifetime," he says.

Because Andrew got a job in Los Angeles, Christina — sadly — has to leave her job. Since his job doesn't begin until fall, they realized they had a nice chunk of time to travel. And that they are going to do.

First, the couple, and her parents, will head to Madrid for a week. Then, the couple leaves her mom and dad behind.

"We were originally thinking of going to Madagascar," says Christina. "We were both fascinated by it. We were in Barnes & Noble, looking at Madagascar travel books. We were in the M section and I saw the book on Mongolia. I remembered scenes from the movie, 'Babies,' of Mongolia; of these steppes and the big blue sky. And we started reading about it. It just sounds beautiful...We're going to Moscow and taking the trans-Siberian railroad to Mongolia. Then, we're going to do a trek from one yurt to another yurt, hosted by these different families. We love the idea about being out in these expansive steppes and it just sounds so romantic. We wanted to go somewhere that where we could spend a lot of time outside. [A place] that has a lot of natural beauty but is also culturally interesting." .

Andrew arranged the trip through the Mongolian-based eco-tourism company, Ger to Ger. Ger is a Mongolian yurt.

It's not like you go off and stay in some hermetically sealed compound," says Andrew. "You arrive, and you have two days of training where you learn Mongolian customs and some words and phrases of the Mongolian language...What we liked about this is that you actually interact with Mongolian people, you eat Mongolian food, and you learn Mongolian customs. Another thing that sealed the deal for us was the trans-Siberian railway to get here and we thought that sounded amazing."

The entire trip will take several weeks, after which the couple will live in Los Angeles. However, their hearts remain here.

"We're keeping the house in Baltimore," says Christina. "The plan is to return here."