"She wasn't thinking this was the proposal; that was the best part," says Christian. "She thought it was the end of the trip and we were just doing a special night together, away from the family."

"We went to the room, showered and got ready for dinner," says Nola. "Christian was persistent about getting a bottle of wine sent to the room and I didn't understand. I was saying, 'We're going to dinner. Why do we need a bottle of wine?' The wine comes to the room. We're still finishing getting ready and I'm thinking, we have this balcony with this gorgeous view of the Grand Tetons. So, I took the wine to move it out to the balcony. When I turned around, Christian was on his knee and saying wonderful things and proposed."

"I was completely freaking out at this point," says Christian. "I proposed July 2, 2011. But, I started the process in November 2010 at the Radcliffe's holiday party. I started [looking for the ring] with one of Nola's close friends and colleagues, Renee Townsley and [Radcliffe Jewelers owner] Paul Winicki. I had to sneak around. Because Nola works at the Pikesville store, I would go to the Towson store."

Nola didn't make Renee and Paul's sleuthing work easy — in either the type of engagement ring she liked or her ring size.

"I'm more traditional and old school and I just wanted to be surprised," she says. "I didn't want to know about it. I have a David Yurman ring I wear a lot. One day Renee came up and said a customer wanted to look at it, but they didn't have a similar sample in the case. So, could she borrow mine? Then, 20 minutes later, she brought it back and said the customer decided against it. After the engagement, Renee told me that was when she got my ring size.

"Renee was saying, 'You guys have been dating a while. You should try on some rings. And I was saying, no. Finally, she took me in the back and said, 'Let's just play around a little bit. Let's have some fun.'...They all figured it out on their own and knocked it out of the park. It's amazing; a Henri Daussi [ring featuring] a cushion cut diamond with a diamond halo."

"It is spectacular," says Christian.

The Wedding: The ceremony will take place at Corpus Christi Catholic Church on W. Lafayette in Baltimore, with Nola's godfather, Deacon Al Laabs, coming from Illinois to officiate.

Nola's maid-of-honor and six bridesmaids will wear champagne satin Lela Rose cocktail-length, one-shoulder dresses from Cupcake that feature a draped bow on the shoulder and a black grosgrain belt

Her three junior bridesmaids — her sister's 16-year-old twins and 12-year-old daughter — are wearing short black dresses.

Each will carry a bouquet of one type of white flowers; each one different, like tulips, hydrangeas, ranunculus or roses.

She's not revealing much about her own dress, except to say it's white and long and by designer Maggie Sottero, from Betsy Robinson Bridal. But that hasn't kept her from teasing Christian about what it looks like.

"I keep telling him it has a hot pink butt bow and a polka dot top and neon stripes. It gets bigger and bigger every time I tell him. It had flashing LED lights at one point," she says, as they both laugh.

Her white Prada shoes from Nordstrom in Chicago are embellished with rhinestones.

"I splurged," she confesses.

Christian's best man and six groomsmen will all be wearing "very classic" black tuxedos with black vests and bowties. Christian will do the same, but with a white vest and bow tie. All the tuxes are rented from Tuxedo House. And each groomsman will have a different white flower as his boutonniere.

After the ceremony, the wedding party and 140 guests head to the Four Seasons Hotel for the reception.

The cocktail hour — featuring a yet-to-be-determined signature drink and passed hors d'oeuvres — will be held on the fourth-floor terrace.

Then it's inside the hotel's Cobalt Room for the seated served dinner. Christian says the room is so nicely decorated, that — other than table centerpieces — no other decor is needed.

"The room is all brown, champagne and wood, with silver accents," he says.