"Christian inspires me," says Lacey. "Every morning he wakes up and he's excited about the day what he's going to accomplish. I'm always learning something when I'm with him and that's something that I love — taking on new things. He has me believing that I can accomplish almost anything. I'm lucky to have that from him.

"He's always up for anything. He rarely says no. He has a very, very, very adventurous spirit and I think when he does something, he does it 100 percent. There's no half way.

"For instance, I'm a division one athlete," Lacey continues. "I played soccer and lacrosse in college. I love any outdoor activity or sports. Christian said he wanted to get in shape for the wedding. We work out six days a week now. I think he's maybe missed two days since January. That's the kind of work ethic he has."

"I have a tendency to be serious," says Christian. "Lacey makes me feel relaxed and that it's okay to have fun. I'm a better person being around her. I love her and I always feel that no matter what happens, she always has my back. I've never felt that way with anyone except my family."

The proposal, Memorial Day, 2011: Christian started talking about marriage in February, 2011.

"I started thinking about rings and kept trying to ask her what she liked and what she didn't," he says. "She wasn't very helpful at all. It was like talking to a brick wall because I was trying to do it without her thinking it was about her. She would say [things like], 'I'd be happy with a mood ring if you asked me,' he says.

By the end of May, he had asked her father's permission and had everything set up for the big ask.

"I was about to leave on a trip to China and Viet Nam we were going to be gone for about two weeks. There had been a fair amount of work-related travel for both of us [during] the weeks leading up to it, and we hadn't had any quality time together. I had promised that Memorial Day weekend we were going to spend the weekend together with her parents at their place in Ocean City. I was leaving on the Tuesday after Memorial Day."

"Thursday morning, I call her and say, 'there are complications for tonight. I have to stop on the way to Ocean City at the Inn at Perry Cabin [inSt. Michaels] because the board has a meeting there and I just have to stop and say hi," says Christian.

Lacey says she was not exactly happy with that hitch.

"She said, get your own ride and hung up," says Christian, with a chuckle.

"Then I called him right back and apologized," says Lacey. "I said I just want to spend some time with you and you're leaving. But if it's important for your job, we'll stop there first. I said it was wrong that I reacted that way. I picked him up and we drove all the way down there."

"I was trying desperately to get the ring in time," says Christian. "I spent months trying to get the diamond and the setting at Radcliffe Jewelers. They agreed to meet me at a parking lot downtown to drop the ring off. I was running late for this meeting on the set of [HBO's] 'Game Change' with the governor. I get [to the parking lot and] pick up the ring, and run to the set of 'Game Change.' It's 100 degrees. I've been running. I'm sweating. My shirt is plastered to me and I'm hanging onto this engagement box for dear life. And I'm looking...not good. I end up joining [the governor and other members of the group] and thinking, 'How am I going to ask her to marry me tonight?'"

Things didn't get any better when Lacey picked him up.

"She hadn't eaten," he says. "And when Lacey hasn't eaten she gets irritated."

"It's called angry," says Lacey, with a laugh.

"She's insisting on stopping at Royal Farms for a grilled cheese," he says. "And I said, 'No, we're not stopping. We have to get there.' Then, I stop saying anything because any time I say something, I'm getting a verbal barrage from Lacey," he says, as they both laugh.

"We get to the Inn at Perry Cabin," he says. "I've already called the hotel, so we have a plan in place. She says, 'I have to go to the bathroom to put some lipstick on.' I went out to the point and waited for her outside."

"When I came out of the bathroom, this lady was there and she said your boyfriend's outside at the point and we start walking out there and I asked her, 'Where are the other board members?' And she said, 'Actually they're right there.' She points to a table of men and she says, 'They're going to meet you outside for a glass of wine.' In true Christian fashion, he's out there [with his back to me] with both phones talking away. I go to sit down. Both phones go in his pocket. He turns around and says, 'What are you doing?' I said, 'I'm just sitting and waiting for you to get off the phone.' As I stood up, he got down on one knee, and I thought, 'Oh. My. God," she says.

"And I asked her to marry me," he says.