She is wearing a Simone Carvalli wedding gown from Chevy Chase Bridal.

"It's very different; a form fitting mermaid with a ruffle halter top," she says.

Both her shoes and bouquet are being custom-made by designers Colby found on

"They'll be white with Swarovski crystal that has hints of purple in it...John's obsessed with the Ravens and purple is my favorite color," she says.

"I'm definitely a Ravens fan," says John. "She's trying to make me happy with the Ravens tie-in. So, I'll pretend it's for the Ravens."

"I'm also not going to carry a flower bouquet," Colby says. "I'm having a brooch bouquet made on Etsy. They're made of vintage brooches. They're awesome. You can tell the designer about you and she'll try to put things in there that reflect your personality."

Her bridal party will probably carry smaller bouquets of silk flowers and brooches, and will probably have some sort of purple hair accent.

The two flower girls — his 2-year-old niece and her 7-year-old niece — are being outfitted by in tutu-style dresses in different shades of purple, with matching flower headbands.

Chris's best man and 8 groomsmen will wear tuxedos.

"The guys are going to have some sort of purple detail. We're not sure yet, maybe a vest," she says.

"I wanted Zsa Zsa in the wedding, maybe having a flower girl pull her in a cart," says Colby. "But, John wasn't crazy about that idea. So, sadly Zsa Zsa will not be attending."

The reception will be held following the ceremony at Top of the Bay at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

"It's beautiful and overlooks the water," says Colby.

The reception begins with the red carpet, in keeping with the movie poster theme of the save-the-dates.

"There's a company — Baltimore's Best Events — that will bring the red carpet and the backdrop," she says. "People [arrive] and get their pictures taken on the red carpet."

Even if Zsa Zsa isn't there, the pooch will be there in spirit...or, more appropriately, spirits. The cocktail hour will feature a signature purple cocktail named after her, made of blue curacao and cranberry juice. Guests will also enjoy passed hot hors d'ouvres and cold hors d'oeuvre displays. Catering is provided by the venue.

The banquet room will have some uplighting, with a little blue and purple shimmer to give it that wintery feel. Tables will be covered with deep purple tablecloths and set with black napkins and purple jeweled napkin rings — also from

Colby is making the centerpieces herself — courtesy

"I'm not doing flowers," she says. "I don't really like traditional stuff. So, I'm making crystal trees. I ordered these white manzanita [branch] trees and I am draping them in purple and pearlescent crystals. The trees are in little white pots." The trees will sit on mirrored squares, along with purple votive candles. Fireplaces around the room will be going, with a variety of pictures of the couple and family scattered on the mantels.

Dinner features a split plate of filet mignon and chicken Chesapeake. Colby says the cake is a surprise.

Dance Masters is supplying the deejay.

"They also act as the emcee. They're really good at getting personal details that they can impart to the audience," she says.

Their love of family is evident in what Colby and John are choosing to do as wedding favors.

"John's mom passed away from lung cancer three years ago," she says. "So, in lieu of favors we're making a donation to a charity [that funds research to fight cancer]. People will get little notes saying that."

"My mom probably had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met," John says. "She would go out of her way to help anyone. I think that's something she would be happy about."

The honeymoon: Colby and John don't know yet where they'll go.

"We're still working on it. But, we started a honey fund, where instead of giving you a gift, guests can donate to your honeymoon," she says. That fund is one of many things listed on the couple's wedding website