It's clear John gets a kick out of Colby, and treasures her.

"With Colby, there's never a dull moment," he says. "She's unique and very spontaneous. She likes to have a good time. It's never boring with her around...She's very funny. She has a big personality. I like to have fun, too. But, she's a little bit more outgoing than me when it comes to singing and acting...I enjoy being around her doing that kind of stuff. I'm more the logical one...She has a good heart. She's very sweet. She's very close with her family and the people she cares about, [like] her friends. She comes from a good family. She's smart. I think she complements me very well and vice versa."

The proposal, Christmas Day, 2011: "We'd been together for five years. And of course, like any other girl, I was getting antsy," says Colby. "Every holiday that came around, I was suspecting something. Every holiday would go by and nothing would happen. I was starting to get a little irritated. Then, I just decided to let up a little on him."

"I wanted to surprise her but I knew that was going to be hard because she asks a million questions about everything," John says. "On Christmas, our families get together for a big party and I thought that would be a good time when she could show everyone the ring."

"I wanted to get John something really nice [for Christmas]," she says. "His dream had always been to fly an airplane. We live right near Martin State Airport. So, I went down there and purchased a one-day learn-to-fly experience. I was really excited to give that to him. I had a little wooden airplane made with a poem on it about it, [among other presents I was giving him]. [Christmas morning], he opened it and choked up. Then, he gave me my gifts. There were three gift bags.

"I open up the first," she says. "It's a Victoria's Secret sweatshirt. Okay. That was nice. Moving on. In the second was another Victoria's Secret sweatshirt. So, I'm thinking there's got to be something good in the last one. I open the last one. There was a Yankee candle. I was a little disappointed. I gave him this flying lesson and got a candle and two sweatshirts. So, I thought maybe there was something good in the stocking. So, I said, 'Let's go do stockings.' And as soon as I said that, his face just dropped. And he said, 'Oh, I didn't know we were doing stockings this year.' I was so mad. Here I was — I'd given him these amazing gifts and his and Zsa Zsa's stockings are overflowing on the fireplace, and there's mine lying there lifeless. And we've always done stockings. I was very angry. Being a brat, I stormed upstairs and slammed the bedroom door. Then I kind of laid in bed, moping around. He came in, asking me what was wrong. I didn't really want to talk. Zsa Zsa's jumping on the bed, I'm just pushing her away. I'm not looking at her. My head's in the pillow. He said, 'I think you might want to open this last gift from Zsa Zsa. But, I kept pushing her away. I'm aggravated. But, I finally turn to pick her up and there's this huge ring dangling from her collar."

"Finally, she looked," John says. "She didn't see the ring at first, so I had to move Zsa Zsa around. I don't even remember what I said, but I got down on one knee and that was it."

"The ring's gorgeous," she says. "He did an amazing job. It's a beautiful 4 carat flower shaped diamond ring from Reed's Jewelers."

The wedding: Because it's Colby's favorite season — and they got engaged then — the couple is planning a winter wedding for 250.

"We both have large families and wanted to make sure we included everyone we could," says John. He admits he's left most of the planning in his fiancée's hands, knowing that she would have stronger opinions on how she wanted everything.

His other priorities were simple.

"A good venue, good music, good food and open bar," he says with a laugh.

Colby did a lot of research for the wedding online.

"If you're a bride on a budget, that is really the way to go. We have so many guests and that in itself was such a big splurge," she explains. got quite a workout.

"My save-the-date [cards] came from there," she says. "It was set up like a movie poster. [There was a picture of John, myself and Zsa Zsa, with me pulling her on the leash and pulling his tie."

The wedding invitations are being done by the same designer. The graphics followed a movie poster's style, albeit with a little Swarovski crystal embellishment.

Although both of them are Catholic, neither belongs to a specific church. They wanted some place that would have a special feel to it and chose St. Patrick Church of Havre de Grace for the evening ceremony.

The maid-of-honor and her 8 bridesmaids will all wear long black satin dresses, all from JC Bridal.

"I wanted each of my girls to pick out a dress that was different, but fit [her] personality," She says. "Some have a ruffle. One has a flower by the neck."