"There will a lot of our favorite things, like mini grilled cheese sandwich sandwiches and tomato soup, a slider bar; fun food that are easy to eat and keep the festive mood going," she explains.

"I've really enjoyed working with the caterers and picking the food and doing the food tasting," Michael adds.

Lauren says music is Michael's area of expertise. A childhood friend of his, Mike Keller, is a professional deejay.

"If I'm going to pick someone to play music at my wedding, it might as well be someone I'm friends with," he says. Music-wise, Michael is helping put together the play list of "rock 'n roll and dance music and just a little bit of everything."

The photographer: This was a wedding component Michael felt strongly about.

"If we're going to have this big party we're putting on for everybody, we want to have the best pictures we can to commemorate it," he says. They're using Annapolis photographer David Hartcorn.

"He's a fantastic photographer and has a lot of quirky ideas that fit with our personalities," says Michael. "The [engagement photos he's going to do] are going to be slightly non-traditional. I can tell you that it is going to have something to do with our first conversations. There will be slight post-apocalyptic theme."

Stress level: "It hasn't been terrible because we're paying for the wedding ourselves. I think sometimes people get bogged down with other obligations when there are other people paying," Michael says.

"Once it's over, Lauren and I will lock ourselves in the house for a month, not talk to anyone and get into being married," he says.

"I already thought my life was pretty good, but I've found someone to make it even better," she says.

"Though she's still working on getting me to drink coffee," he declares.