The place: With a Baltimore-centered theme, the couple thought The Mansion at Valley Country Club was a perfect fit.

"They have this gorgeous sports bar with all this sports memorabilia of [owner] Art Donovan's," Katie says. It also made the wedding planning easier, with the club supplying the catering, liquor, and tables and chairs.

About 130-150 guests are expected, first for an outdoor ceremony.

"We'll stand on the stairs of the mansion, above everyone, so they can see us well," Katie explains.

All 11 of their nieces and nephews -- ages 1-13 -- will be part of it, as well as four bridesmaids, five groomsmen, a maid-of-honor and best man.

The colors: The colors of wedding are the colors of the Orioles -- orange and black. The bridesmaids will wear short black dresses with pockets from David's Bridal. They'll each carry a bouquet featuring an orange-colored mango Calla Lily, with a little bit of purple mixed in, to give the Ravens fair representation. All the smaller girls will carry orange Gerber daisies. All the flowers will be from Betty's Garden in Towson.

The guys will wear black tuxedos with orange vests, ties and pocket squares.

The couple will use engagement photos they took at various well-known Baltimore locations as table toppers, with guests finding their seats according to locale.

The cake: It's Balmer all the way, hon -- thanks to SugarBakers Cakes.

It's more of a sheet cake that looks like a picnic table, topped with fondant "newspaper" and two life size fondant "steamed crabs." Each crab is holding a ring in one claw, and the other crab's claw in the other.

Something extra: Guests will also get a little something to play with -- customized Mad-Lib sheets (printed on orange paper).

An example: "Wedding advice for the happy couple!

We are so (adjective) for Katie & Joel! They are the most (adjective) (plural noun) and we wish them nothing less than (adj)(noun) for the rest of their lives together."

Why it took 10 years: "We're glad that we had our misspent youth to get out all the nonsense out that made us into the people we are today...There have been ups and downs over the years, but our bond is stronger than ever," says Katie.

"[We've learned] you can't sweat the small things. We can be arguing about something one minute and a couple minutes later, it's gone."

"[Marriage] is one of those decisions that you want to be really, really sure about," says Joel.

"You don't want to do this twice."