One way to prepare for your wedding: Take a class

Olivia Hubert-Allen

4:07 PM EST, January 11, 2013


To my DIY brides/grooms, have I got a find for you.

I was poking around online yesterday, looking for a place nearby where I could take a class on reuphosltery (because I am approximately 25 years older than I appear and love to collect domestic hobbies.) A few clicks in, I hit the jackpot: an inexpensive class not too far away that starts in two weeks. Squee!

But oh, what's this? They offer cake decorating class? French? Zumba?

Let me introduce you to CEED at CCBC.

It all stands for Continuing Education and Economic Development at The Community College of Baltimore County. (Try saying that four times fast.) It's designed to help people who are changing careers or looking to brush up on new skills, but it's also a nice fit for brides and grooms looking to add some DIY touches to their wedding. Courses range from welding and medical coding to yoga and quilting. Find the full course catalog online (PDF).

A few classes worth looking at:

Just a heads up: When I registered for my reupholstery class I had to pay an extra $10 because I do not live in Baltimore County.

I'd love to hear from you if decide to take a class, or if you've been inspired to pick up a new skill/hobby because of your wedding.  Comment below or reach me on Twitter: @hubertallen.