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To veil or not to veil

A tradition among brides is the wearing of a veil. This does not feel like a tradition that I would like to follow, however.

In the past, a bride would wear a veil covering her face and the veil would be lifted over the face when she was given away to the groom. Today, many veils don't cover the face but are only worn on the back of the head.  Although many brides continue to wear veils and do so gracefully, it does not appeal to me personally. It may look pretty on others but it doesn't feel like me and I want to be myself on my wedding day.

I picture my hair being down and hopefully long with either pretty accessories such as a hairpiece or a headband or some sort of flower.

When I went to Kleinfelds with my friend to get her own wedding dress, one of the guys who worked there told her that "without a veil, you are just another pretty girl in a white dress."  After hearing this, I thought maybe I should wear one. But after pondering the thought over and over again, it just didn't feel right. I'm sure that I will still feel like a bride whether I have one or not. Not only that but I want my dress to be the highlight and I don't want anything taking away from that.  

I can't describe my dress on here because my future groom may be reading this, but it is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  I'm usually not very decisive but putting it on, I instantly loved it. No veil will make or break how wonderful I intend to feel in that dress on one of the best days of my life.


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