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Making an entrance as man and wife in Ravens style or whatever suits you

In honor of the Baltimore Ravens being the football champions of the world after their big Super Bowl win, I would like to talk about entrance ideas for the reception.

“How do the Ravens tie into being announced as husband and wife,” you might ask? Well, my all-time favorite entrance was performed (seriously, it was a performance) by my friends Shannon and Dave Biser at their wedding this past December. This super-fan duo entered the ballroom at The Belvedere (gorgeous, amazing venue if you are still looking, by the way) doing Ray Lewis’ signature Squirrel Dance. You can only imagine what a hilarious surprise that was for their guests as it was perfectly executed. Please refer to the picture if you need more accurate imagery.

Another favorite of mine were my friends, Monica and John. They had a very relaxed, beach-themed wedding on a marina. After all of their wedding party was announced, they raised their beers to form a tunnel that the new Mr. & Mrs. Quinn ran through together. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Andrew and I haven’t talked about how we would like to be announced for the first time as husband and wife, yet. We could do the standard “raise your arms and yell woooo,” but I believe us to be a more creative and energetic couple.

Both of the entrances I've mentioned have one thing in common: They are a unique expression of the two people as a couple.  The Bisers love the Ravens and the Quinns love Miller Lite (and running through tunnels apparently). To me, the entrance should be a fun, exciting expression of you both, marking the beginning of your lives together, and setting the tone for the epic party that is about to ensue.

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