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Let wedding guests eat cake, but which one?

Let's be honest, choosing the cake is probably the most exciting part of wedding planning. Okay, I should probably preface that by saying that I’m overly obsessed with food. When I’m eating breakfast, I’m already thinking about lunch and dinner. But even if you’re not a food lover like me or maybe desserts aren’t your thing (really, do people who don’t like dessert exist? I don’t think so) it’s still fun to meet with cake vendors, try samples, plan your design and pick a cake topper.

My number one tip to remember -- don’t rush the process! Try as many places as possible…they don’t have to know you’re shopping around after all. This will also help you be sure of your final decision. And be open-minded; you might actually be surprised what you do and don’t like.

Deciding on your cake also has a lot to do with the time of year and time of day of your wedding. For example, lemonade-infused cake is perfect for a daytime, summer wedding. It’s refreshing and light, whereas a chocolate and peanut butter cake is a nice fit for a winter, evening wedding. Then there are very seasonal flavors such as pumpkin for fall or raspberry for spring.

In addition to flavor, the look is important too. You can go with fondant or traditional icing, flavored or butter crème, two tier or seven tier, sugar flours or real flowers, cupcakes or cake…the options seem endless. Just make sure you make it you. For example, we’ve decided on a two-tier cake (with a sheet cake in the back; this is a great way to save money so make sure you ask about it!). One tier will be Reese’s Peanut Butter and the other will be chocolate truffle (delish). The design will incorporate a simple ruffle with just two real flowers. Very simple with a rustic twist.

This decision did not come lightly and we were sure to take advantage, trying many wonderful bakeries before deciding on Artistic Desserts as the perfect fit for us. Ultimately our decision was based on the cake tasting (large portions, beautiful presentation, very accommodating), price, past performance, flavors and design ideas.

Brides and grooms, I’d love to hear from you! What is important to you in picking a vendor for your cake? Did I miss anything in my decision process?

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