It's not easy to give up control, but brides need to delegate

By Katie Mercado, For The Baltimore Sun

3:29 PM EST, January 15, 2013


As I recently found myself in the middle of a cigar shop buying cigars for the groomsmen I realized one important rule that all brides (and women in general) must learn -- the art of delegating.

First thing's first -- I do not belong in a cigar shop and now know that after all the strange stares and laughs (yes, the workers laughed at me) that this is a prime example of a task I should have delegated, definitely to a man.

While I did make it out alive I learned a lot from this experience. As a bride-to-be it's crucial to delegate and not overload yourself. Think about it -- you have an entire bridal party and family who are there to help. The hardest part is actually letting it go and trusting some one else to do it. Trust me, this is not easy for me at all and I'm having a hard time with it, however, I've started a list of the pieces I'm going to delegate (of course, incorporating my vision).

The list so far includes:

Now that I've created this delegation list, who wants to help?!