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Help our blogger: What should she do if the boutique fails to get her dress to her on time?

I am getting married in two and a half weeks, and still don't have my wedding gown. 

I ordered it in the beginning of March, and was told I would have it in mid-August. Back in March, that seemed like a lot of time to wait for one dress, but I figured it would still give me a month and a half to try it on, get it hemmed, and figure out which shoes and undergarments to wear. Now that we're half-way through September, I'm starting to panic a little. 

The local shop (who shall remain nameless because I'm a worried bride and not a mean one) has sort of avoided giving us details, but assured us that despite a "mix up," the dress should come in soon. Not incredibly reassuring, as this conversation took place two days ago and we still have heard nothing. 

I write this post not to complain, but to inquire: What do you do when your gown falls through?

I've bookmarked several dresses from BHLDN and Shopbop, and have chosen three that I will order as soon as we determine whether my original dress is still an option. At this point I'm banking on the fact that I will need to find a new dress quickly, given the horrible customer service we've been dealing with  plus I don't want to give them any more money on principle. 

Are there any fabulous sites or stores I can go to for a quick-turnaround gown? I'd appreciate some suggestions -- I was completely unprepared to deal with this! 

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