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Go the extra steps for out-of-town guests

My fiancé Keith and I are going to a wedding in Colorado in February. I have never been to an out-of-town wedding and am pretty excited about the location. The future groom and bride have been very thorough with arrangements for their guests. I was a little nervous about all the details and figuring out where to stay and when to fly in, but they have been really on top of things. 

This reminded me that even though a lot of guests for our own wedding live in town, we do have a few coming from other places as well.

I think in order to make our wedding experience more enjoyable for all we need to be in contact with people coming from out of town. We should be the ones calling them and letting them know when they should be here and what hotels are nearby if they would like to stay somewhere.

(Editors' note: It's a good idea to work with a hotel to set up a block of rooms for guests. Also, consider their transportation from the airport. If they're not renting a car, can someone pick them up? At the very least give them an idea of the cost of a taxi.)

I think it will help things to run more smoothly and our friends and family will really appreciate it. You have to remember too that these people are going out of their way to be there for your special day. They are spending money on flights or gas (if they drive) in order to attend your wedding. Make sure that you let them know how much it means to you and how happy you are that they were able to make it. 

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