Other job experience: Former pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church, Lake Worth; former director of Christian education at Plantation United Methodist Church; former associate pastor at First United Methodist Church of Pompano Beach; former surgical intensive care nurse.

Education: Degree in nursing, Barry University; M. Div., Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Ill.

Personal: Age 50. Born in Atlanta.

Family: Divorced. Children: Harold, 22.

How did you get into your vocation?

My family teases me that other kids brought home lost animals, but I'd bring home lost kids. They weren't the popular ones. Sometimes, they were from a different race or culture. I still have a great passion for [the] marginalized. But I didn't feel a call until I was 18.

How does your feeling for the marginalized affect your ministry?

We go to Dania once a month and give out hot meals. Beyond that, we're a loving and hospitable church. We welcome people and hear their stories. Sometimes, they've been hurt by a church. A lot of times, just listening makes them feel this is a safe place, and they come to a new understanding of God's love.

What do you do to relax?

I love to walk the beach. I also love planting and messing with impatiens. And I love to travel. I'm just back from Australia and New Zealand.

A favorite vacation spot?

Santorini in the Mediterranean. Just beautiful.

A favorite pastime?

Cross stitching. Right now, I'm working on a piece with multiple butterflies. I started just before I learned I was moving here. It's symbolic of a new life.

What book have you been recommending lately?

I've lately been reading The Shack. It's about a man who lost a child to murder and felt distant from God. He then feels called back to the murder site and meets the Trinity.

Favorite TV shows?

All the Law & Order ones. Also M*A*S*H and The Golden Girls.

Favorite film(s)?