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This Day in History: Nov. 6

In 1854, America's “March King,” John Philip Sousa, was born in Washington, D.C.

1860: Former Illinois congressman Abraham Lincoln defeated three other candidates for the presidency: John Breckinridge, John Bell and Stephen Douglas.

1861: Confederate President Jefferson Davis was elected to a six-year term of office.

1928: In a first, the results of Republican Herbert Hoover's presidential election victory over Democrat Alfred E. Smith were flashed onto an electric wraparound sign on the New York Times building.

1956: President Dwight D. Eisenhower won re-election, defeating Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson.

1990: About one-fifth of the Universal Studios back lot in Southern California was destroyed in an arson fire.

2012: President Barack Obama was elected to a second term of office, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

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