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Collared: Lilly, Betsy and Sophie

NAMES: Lilly, Betsy and Sophie OWNER: Howard Silverstein AGES: Lilly (far left) 8 years, Betsy (middle) 5 years, Sophie (far right) 2 years HOME: Pikesville BREED: Shetland sheepdog BEST TRICK: They each have a specific trick that they do. ... Lilly knows how to jump through an agility course in record time. Betsy can go to a playground, run up the steps and slide down the sliding board all by herself ... It's the funniest thing to see. Sophie can walk on her hind legs for extended periods of time. FAVORITE ACTIVITY: All three love to take naps but once that ball comes out, they are alert and love to chase and return the ball -- over and over and over and over and over. FAVORITE FOODS: They all will do anything for dried piece of chicken strip. And I mean anything. Almost. FUNNIEST MOMENT: When I took all three girls to the beach. They were running along the water's edge when this huge wave washed ashore. Once the dogs were wet, they didn't know how to act because their fur was so wet with water and it was weighing them down. They could hardly walk. THREE GIFTS: The best time in my life has been having these dogs as my companions and friends. They are there for me when I awake and when I go to bed at night. They give me peace, stress relief and best of all, I can feel the love radiating from their little bodies. Had a dog all my life and if I was to go back, I would not change a single thing.
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