The salon uses dye made for animals. It's nontoxic and safe even if a dog should give it a taste — which they've been known to do. Sparkles gave one of her new purple "boots" a lick while Brostrom worked on her in the bathtub, rinse water running like grape juice down the drain.

Brostrom has been experimenting to achieve the perfect Ravens shade of violet. She'll custom mix the colors. She'll try various brands. But because it's a work in progress, dogs have a way of walking out of the salon with surprise shades. Some get a deep, electric purple. Others a more pastel lavender. The color and texture of a dog's coat affects the result, too. The same shade that appeared lavender on Sparkles looked plum on Junie.

Brostrom half-jokingly calls one of her own dogs, a white Cockapoo named Bean, her product tester. She's had hearts spray-painted onto her tummy, one red eyelash and one blue for Independence Day, and stars affixed to her butt. Currently the understanding pup is sporting the message "No. 1 Ravens fan" on her side and purple eyelashes and sparkly ears.

The stylist and Tonya Pomeroy, the Hydrant's owner, are about the biggest Baltimore football fans you'll find.

They joke, or perhaps they aren't really joking, that they'd refuse to dye a dog Redskins colors or, God forbid, do a job for the pet of a Pittsburgh fan.

"If you would like yellow or black, that's fine. But I will not do a Roethlisberger stencil or a "Go Steelers," Brostrom says, shaking her head. "They know if they are here they're not getting anything else but purple."

While the women shave and snip, they speculate on the dogs various Ravens players might have — and the chances one of them might walk into the salon to have their pup made purple.

Joe Flacco, they see with a "normal," "playful" dog like a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. Ray Lewis would "totally" have a Pit bull. They're pretty sure Ed Reed's got a Poodle because "he's a showy guy and he'd want a showy dog."

"I couldn't see Terrell Suggs walking around with a Maltese with purple bows and purple in her hair," Brostrom says. "But you never know."

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