Wacky ways to celebrate National Feral Cat Day

The Baltimore Sun

National Feral Cat Day is October 16. Leading the observance/celebration is the Bethesda-based Alley Cat Allies.

Leading up to that day there will be spay/neuter drives and community education workshops. But what stands out -- at least to us -- are some of the unexpected Feral Cat Day mementos that can be picked up at Alley Cat Allies' online gift shop.

Sure, there are T-shirts. And yep, they've got the coffee mugs.

But how about a shirt your dog can wear to express his support of the kitties?

How about a onesie for the baby?

And of course, a kitty bowl, so that the cats with safe, warm homes can off their furry allegiance to the cause.

Find the online store here.

Here's what Alley Cat Allies has to say about feral cats, and the need for greater national awareness of the problem -- if not the purchase of a onesie: "Feral cats live and thrive in every landscape, from urban to rural.  Because they are not socialized to people and are not candidates for adoption, feral cats taken to animal shelters are almost always killed.  Although many communities have embraced Trap-Neuter-Return — which ends the breeding cycle and stabilizes the population — being killed in an animal shelter remains the leading documented cause of death for cats."


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