'Two-faced' kitty shatters expectations

The Baltimore Sun

This kitty could be hard for some folks to look at, but in so many other ways, he's defying all sorts of expectations.

This cat with two faces was brought to a vet's office at one day old to be euthanized. But a woman who worked in the office took pity on the strange little fellow and, though others told her she shouldn't, she took him home and gave him a chance.

The cat she calls "Frank and Louie" just celebrated his 12th birthday on Sept. 8. He's the world's oldest living Janus cat, named after the mythical Roman character with two faces on one head.

The normal life expectancy for a cat with the condition is one to four days.

Though some people find the cat scary, his owner clearly loves him. Listen for this quote from the cat's vet:

"You can look at this cat as a bad omen," she says, "or you could look at this cat as a miracle."

And listen to that purr!

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