Pictures: Teddy Bean models Martha Stewart's Halloween dog costumes

Not long ago noted dog-lover Martha Stewart debuted her pets line, available exclusively at Petsmart. This year Martha has a great collection of Halloween costumes for dogs. And my Teddy Bean, a perfect size "medium" in Martha's goods, is modeling the whole shebang. Teddy Bean is a very good sport and a big fan of trick-or-treating, but, it's fair to say, he is not the sort of dog that enjoys having lots of constrictive clothing and whatnot all over his little self. But Martha's costumes seem to keep that sort of pup in mind. All of the outfits are very lightweight, go on really easily and most of them hardly touch the tail and the hindquarters. Though a lot of the costumes have head pieces, most of them are hoodies that can go up when a dog is being tolerant, and down when they've had enough. All of the costumes cost $19.99, and can be found in Petsmart stores or online.
Jill Rosen
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