Share your grief at a Pet Memorial Sunday ceremony

If you've lost a pet, sometimes it helps to have a ceremony remembering your furry, scaled or feathered friend. Trust me -- once I had an Episcopal priest and a smattering of friends in my backyard for a full-on, formal memorial service to help me get over the untimely death of Atticus, my beloved tabby.

This Sunday, Sept. 9, is the first annual Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony at Nicodemus Memorial Park at Baltimore Humane Society. The ceremony will feature several speakers, live music and a portrait artist who can create (for a small fee) a sketch of your pet based on a photo.

Bring a photo of your pet for the communal display and a flower or two. If you would like them to read your pet's name during the ceremony, be sure to RSVP to 410-833-8848, ext. 219 or Learn more at the Humane Society site.

The ceremony starts at 1 p.m. at 1601 Nicodmus Road, Reisterstown, Md. 


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