Ravens vs. Rams: Who will the dog pick?

The Baltimore Sun

So here we are in Week 3 of Ravens season. And Teddy, our highly-touted Pigskin Picking Pup has yet to pick the winner of a game.

He blew the Steelers pick. (But let's be honest, he wasn't the only one who didn't see that coming.)

And last week's bout against the Titans was more of the unfortunate same. According to conventional wisdom, conventional wisdom did Teddy wrong. More heart, the peanut gallery is telling him. Less fuzzy head.

Being a prognosticator, it's tough business.

This week, I hear that if the Ravens don't cooperate with Teddy's predictions, there will be one little dog waiting for a word with Mr. Ray Lewis.

But anyway, we've got some big news. As most of you know, if Teddy ends the season with a winning record, he'll not only be getting a prize from Unleashed, as a rescue pup, he's looking out for his fellow needy pups at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. The makers of Frosty Paws ice cream treats have stepped up to say if Teddy wins, they'll throw the BARCS dogs an ice cream party.

So, there's a lot at stake here....

All together now: Go Teddy!

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