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Party welcomes downtown Baltimore dog walk

Downtown Baltimore's only legit dog space is re-opening! And it's a safe bet that most folks didn't even know that it was closed.... or even existed.

But this week, it's a chance for downtown dog folks to get re-aquainted (or, aquainted) with the Liberty Park Dog Walk, which people can find at the convergence of Park Avenue, West Fayette and West Baltimore streets.

There'll be a Yappy Hour in the mini-park on Thursday evening, from 6 to 8 p.m. It's free, sponsored by Downtown Partnership and the 39 W. Lexington residences. Pet store Pretentious Pooch will be set up there, with goodies.

Sponsors will be giving all four-legged attendees free dog tees. (And I hear from a reliable source that they're quite adorable.)

The dog walk opened a couple years ago but has been closed for construction during the last six months or so.

Since the park opened, as basically a grassy patch surrounded by a fence, it was so well-used by downtown dogs, that the grass wore down.

Meanwhile, as Downtown Partnership was renovating Center Plaza, the organization got complaints about the granite gravel it used to line the pathways. It was too rough on people's shoes, but apparently just the right sort of material for a dog park.

So the mini park now has a gravel surface and a new water fountain just for dogs.

And it can't get here soon enough for city dog people. While it was closed, Downtown Partnership  officials heard quite a bit about it. The group just surveyed downtown residents and was surprised to learn that about a third of them owned a dog.

"We were getting emails from frustrated dog owners saying please, pleae hurry, my animal has his paws crossed," said Mike Evitts, the organization's spokesman.



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