New iPhone app Madlips lets dogs, cats 'talk'

The Baltimore Sun

For anyone that's ever wondered what your dog or cat would say if only it could talk, there's a new app that could help with that.

Sort of.

Madlips is a new app for the iPhone that essentially allows people to superimpose moving lips onto pictures of their pets -- and have them talk, sing, recite the Declaration of Independence... whatever.

I haven't tried it out yet, but the maker, Affective Apps, promises it's easy and "intuitive." And, it's free, so you only have so much to lose.

There's also a way to share all of the silly videos on Facebook or through email.

One caution from the release: "Due to video processing limitations, Mad Lips does not work with the original or 3G iPhones."

You can download the app here.




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