New Facebook bereavement support group from Nicodemus Memorial Park

When my cat Atticus died, I was a wreck. We got a call from a neighbor who found his little tabby body in the street. He'd been hit by a car. My husband (at the time) scooped him up and brought him home to the garage and left the cat there, as he had to fly off on a business trip.

Long story short: A day later, I had an Episcopal priest in my backyard, giving my cat a send-off as we buried him (probably illegally). It made me feel a little better, standing with my friends, giving Atticus, a great feline, his due. At some point, I stopped continuously crying and shaking.

That was a long time ago, and since then, I've lost many more pets, and it's never easy.

If you find yourself in a similar, sad situation, you might want to head to a new bereavement Facebook page offered by Nicodemus Memorial Park at Baltimore Humane Society. Post your photos and share your stories with others in the group. Hopefully, it will help.

If you want more help, the Memorial Park offers a face-to-face support group and private counseling, too. Learn more about the Park at the Human Society website.



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