Maryland Zoo welcomes bouncing baby gazelle

The Baltimore Sun

A leggy baby gazelle is the newest part of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

The addra gazelle calf, named Elvira, was born the morning of October 30. The healthy baby weighed 11 pounds. Her parents are Pearl, who's 9, and Makuru, who's four.

But because Pearl is showing no interest in Elvira, zoo staff has decided to hand-raise her. Peal gave birth to another calf, Ray-Ray, earlier this year.

 “Because the calf is so significant to the overall population of this endangered species, we decided that a quick intervention was necessary in order to keep her healthy,"  Mike McClure, general curator of the Zoo, said in a statement."

Zoo staff is feeding Elvira with a bottle, six times a day. They're being careful to socialize her with the rest of the herd, in particular her grandmother, so that she can integrate with the other animals as soon as she's ready.

The addra gazelle, also known as the dama gazelle, is the largest and tallest member of the gazelle family. They live in Africa’s Sahara desert, moving from scrub land in the dry season to the desert in the wet months. 

Known for their speed, these gazelles can reach a running speed of 45 miles per hour.

There are 130 addra gazelle in zoos throughout the United States. The species is critically endangered.

Zoo visitors should be able to see Elvira later this winter.

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