Long-missing Jack the cat found at Kennedy airport

The Baltimore Sun

After an aiport odyssey that made the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal" look like child's play, Jack the long-missing cat has finally been found at JFK airport.

American Airlines reported Tuesday that workers had found the fluffy orange kitty, who had escaped from his carrier at the airport last August. The plight of the missing cat became a social media sensation, with a Facebook page topping 16,000 fans.

Airport officials say the kitty is "healthy, safe and well."

"Jack was found in the customs room and was immediately taken by AA team members to the airport vet service, VetPort, where a microchip scan confirmed that the cat is indeed Jack," airline officials wrote online. 

The kitty was fine, except for being dehydrated and a good bit skinnier.

Jack's owner Karen Pascoe checked in the 18-pound cat for a flight from New York to California on Aug. 25, according to the Los Angeles Time. But Jack's crate turned up empty, creating an uproar both at the airport and in the national kitty community.

This morning, a check on Jack's Facebook page showed the kitty was in HUGE demand, getting calls for appearances from all the major television networks.

Glad you're safe, Jack. Now stay put for a while.

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