Dogs protesting at Occupy Wall Street, too

The Baltimore Sun

It's not fair that 99 percent of the dogs have 1 percent of the bones! Or wait, the other way around! Woof!

No matter. Coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests -- and the waves of imitators that have cropped up nationwide -- have typically focused on the young people camping out in protest of the country's economic issues.

But a number of the protesters have brought along some furry support. The four-legged kind are in on this, too.

I've seen shots of dogs curled up with their owners on mattressees, of dogs huddling with their protesting people. But this is the first time I've seen pups getting in on the message.

This sweet one was photographed this week marching with his person during the "Millionaires March" on Manhattan's Upper East Side. His sign says: "Greedy Wall Street, Stop Stealing My Bone."

I like how he's meeting a like-minded pup that's also wearing a placard. I think they're going to be friends.


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