Dine with your dog

What happens when you are out taking a stroll with your canine when you hear a loud "grumble, grumble" coming from your tummy? Your realize you are hungry, yet do not want to return home to drop off Rover.

Well, restaurants across the country are making your dining experience more pooch friendly so you can sit down and eat with your four-legged friend.

Los Angeles Brewing Company, a new Los Angeles restaurant, is offering to dog-sit while you dine. The free service is open to dogs licensed in Los Angeles County with an up-to-date rabies vaccination.

Baltimore restaurants may not offer doggie valet, but since the passage of the Dining Out Growth Act of 2011, many local restaurants allow you to dine with your dog.

Passed in Maryland in May 2011, the Dining Out Growth Act allows dogs to accompany their owners to restaurants in the outdoor dining area during specified hours. Check out these local restaurants if you want your dog to join you:

  1. Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen
  2. Little Havana Restaurante y Cantina
  3. Carma's Cafe
  4. City Cafe
  5. Luna Del Sea
  6. Iggies





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