Collared today: Toby

The Baltimore Sun

NAME: Toby (named after Toby Keith)

OWNER: The Doll family

AGE: 5 1/2

HOW WE MET: We went to, the classified section, and found Toby through a breeder in Lancaster, Pa. We drove to meet him and fell in love with him right away. He's the best dog in the world and much loved by our family.

BREED: Silky Terrier

BEST TRICK: Toby doesn't do tricks. He just looks pretty

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Toby protects the Doll girls and he also guards their home from those “dangerous” squirrels

FAVORITE FOOD: Leftover steak

FUNNIEST MOMENT: When he barks at “Blues Clues” while we’re watching TV

MOTTO: “I love my lazy dog days of summer”

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