Collared today: Patrick

The Baltimore Sun

NAME: Patrick

OWNER: Dennis and Carole Gaines

HOW THEY MET: My owners came to visit my brothers, sisters, and I because they wanted a greyhound. When they said, “Puppies puppies puppies!” I jumped right into their arms!

AGE: 11

HOME: Elkridge

BREED: Greyhound

BEST TRICK: If you tell Patrick to “shake,” he’ll offer you his paw. He also knows exactly where he is and he’s not allowed to pee in the neighborhood during walks.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Sleeping, walking, and watching the family eat — banking on getting the last bite from Dad.

FAVORITE FOOD: Pumpkin. He also likes yogurt and carrots

FUNNIEST MOMENT: If he wants his “sister” to go for a walk with him, he’ll walk behind her and surround her with his leash so she has no choice but to come along.

IF PATRICK HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: ‘Grey’t things come in skinny packages!

CREDIT FOR PHOTOGRAPH: Jordan Gaines (sister)

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