Collared today: Oliver and Maggie

The Baltimore Sun

Names: Oliver and Maggie

Breed: Oliver is a Golden Retriever and Maggie, a Parti Poodle

Owner: The Naylor Family

Ages: Oliver is 7, Maggie is 2

Weight difference: Oliver is 90 pounds while Maggie tips the scales at a mere 9 pounds.

Best Trick: Maggie sleeps on top of Oliver, they think they're brother and sister.

Favorite Activity: Walking to the bank and fire department in Roland Park (for dog treats of course).

Favorite Food: Banana Pancakes

Funniest moment: Maggie running though the aisles of Harris Teeter in Fenwick Island while Oliver sat outside waiting for her.

Send them an email: They have their own page on DogBook.

If Maggie and Oliver had a motto for life it would be: Anything is possible for a treat.

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