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Collared today: Nala

NAME: Nala

OWNER: Pam and David Lehmann

HOW THEY MET: Nala was rescued from a high kill shelter in North Carolina and brought to Baltimore where we adopted her.

AGE: Approximately 3

HOME: Baltimore

BREED: Chow mix

BEST TRICK: Can jump four feet straight up in the air when she sees something of interest

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Squirrel watching


FUNNIEST MOMENT: Once on vacation, she locked us out of our car at the gas station. It took three hours to re-open the car while she lounged contentedly inside

DON’T HICCUP AROUND HER: Nala is afraid of hiccups. If a family member gets the hiccups we either run and hide or she does.

IF NALA HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: “Time for a snuggle?”

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