Collared today: Kennedy

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Name: Kennedy Jude Patti

Owner: Jeana Patti

How They Met: Kennedy was given to me when he was 6 weeks old. I didn't think it was going to work out at first (my first dog ever) he was always in trouble to say the least, but we instantly became BFF's. He started out a frisky puppy who has recently mellowed out into a mature senior citizen.

Age: 12

Home: Nottingham

Breed: Labrador mix

Best Trick: Speak!

Favorite Activity: Aside from being with his grandparents and cousins, Kennedy loves to sit out front and chill. He would do this all night long if he could.

Favorite Food: That's a toss up between cheese and peanut butter

Funniest Moment: Opening his Christmas and birthday presents. He gets really excited and has a technique. He picks up the gift with his mouth and finds a comfy spot. He takes the gift with both paws and gently opens with his mouth. When he gets paper stuck on his tongue he just spits it right on out. If it is really hard to open he holds it down tight with one paw and uses the other to rip. He also enjoys blowing out candles on his birthday cake with his party hat on!

Kennedy Likes: Ear rubs, walks, sunbathing on the beach!

Kennedy Dislikes: Vegetables, the UPS truck, and baths.

If Kennedy had a Motto for Life if Would Be: The greatest gift that you can give and receive is unconditional love.

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