Collared today: Dakota

The Baltimore Sun

Name: Dakota

Owner: John and Michele Clifton

How they met: We found her online from a breeder in Indiana. We were able to watch her interact with her Mom and littermates via a webcam. We were specifically looking for a dog to train in agility and both her parents were agility dogs. She was running through tunnels at 8 weeks old. When she was 11 weeks, we traveled to a park in Ohio where the breeder met us half way. She came home with us that day and never looked back!

Age: 6

Home: Timonium

Breed: American Eskimo Dog aka Eskie

Best Trick: Dancing on her back legs.

Favorite Activity: Eating, running agility and wrestling with her best Corgi friend, Paxton.

Favorite Food: Absolutely anything, but she loves green beans!

Funniest Moment: Her first bath — she looks like a rat when she's wet.

Nicknames: Kota, Kote, Kota Clifton, Little Bear, Monkey Butt

If Dakota had a Motto for Life it would be: It's All About Me!!!!


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