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Collared today: Copper

NAME: COPPER (Was renamed from Pongo after adoption)

OWNERS: A & B Becker

HOW THEY MET: Met at a GRREAT adoption day in a pet store 10 years ago when he was five years old. Copper was diagnosed with non-operable cancer right around his 15 birthday last Valentines Day. We kept him comfortable until his passing over the Rainbow Bridge three weeks later. He is tremendously missed by his family, neighbors, and the hundreds of patients he entertained and befriended at the Copper Ridge Alzheimer’s care facility.

AGE: 15 Years

HOME: Eldersburg

BREED: Golden Retriever (pure gold)

BEST TRICK: Showing off by catching a treat balanced on his nose while sitting in the begging position.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Retrieving Frisbees in the snow (because balls get lost in the snow) and swimming in the lake.

FAVORITE FOOD: Peanut butter dog treats and turkey scrapings

FUNNIEST MOMENT: Diving off a dock and doing belly whoppers with all four legs out.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Copper has been doing weekly visits to entertain residents at a local dementia/Alzheimer’s facility called Copper Ridge for the last 6 years.

IF COPPER HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: Wag your tail, not your tongue, and we can all be friends.

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