Collared today: Boomer and Riley

NAMES: Boomer and Riley

OWNER: MC Schneider

HOW THEY MET: Boomer came from a breeder in Westminster and Riley from a breeder in Mt. Airy

AGE: Boomer is almost 8 and Riley is 2

HOME: Hampstead

BREED: Boomer is a Black American Field Lab and Riley is a Yellow English Lab

BEST TRICK: Boomer likes to sit on the sofa — literally. His butt is on the cushions and his front paws are on the floor. Both dogs know to bark at my neighbor’s deck until she comes out and throws ice cubes to them. I think it is annoying but the neighbor thinks it’s great fun.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing with the tennis balls (they’re Labs, after all) and chewing their Nylabones.

FAVORITE FOOD: Pupperoni treats and Beggin Strips. Also anything that Mom forgets to move to a safe place like inside the microwave.

FUNNIEST MOMENT: When they are roughhousing they sound like seals or walruses.

WHAT’S YOURS IS MINE: Both dogs think that the most interesting toy is always the one that the other dog has at the time (even if there are 20 other toys in the box) and that is the one that they must have.

IF BOOMER AND RILEY HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: Play hard, especially in the snow, and cuddle with Mom whenever possible — she is the one that controls the food.

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